About Terry Maddox

Terry Maddox grew up on a ranch in southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. He attended the University of Oregon, where he majored in geology in the mid 1950s.

Terry has been creating pencil drawings in his unique, self-taught style since the fall of 1975. The same hand-eye coordination which led to a successful career in both high school and college baseball, enables him to add vivid detail and depth which characterizes his pencil drawings.

Although his subjects vary, the great outdoors is a recurring theme. His drawings, which at first appear to be photographic images, have a unique softness that sets them apart from other drawings. The original drawings are black and white; however, many of the lithographic reproductions are individually watercolor-tinted to add a completely new dimension. He has completed hundreds of drawings with more than 150 in print.

Terry appears at numerous prestigious art shows and festivals throughout the West, where his works have frequently won top honors. He placed in the National Parks "Art in the Parks Top 100" in 1988 and 1989. Terry's drawings and watercolor tints are found in homes, restaurants and collections throughout the world.

Terry Maddox Photo